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Default Re: What would you want in return for YI?

Originally Posted by adamcz
Are you on crack? What has the #6 pick done to be worth a bench player from a lottery team? He was #6, that's what. The #5 pick went for Ray Allen, and the #9 pick went for Jason Richardson. The value of #6 is clearly a lot higher than a bench player.
Um, since when is Corey Maggette a bench player? He is a good, established small forward who averaged 16 points and 9 rebounds last season, and is now the Clips starting SF. And since when are the Clippers a lottery team? They will probably be in the lottery this year, but last season they missed the playoffs by like 1 game, and that was largely because of Shaun Livingston's injury. And since when does a high draft pick automatically equal a star player? It is entirely possible that Yi will be the next Darko Milicic. That's right I said it. And the Brewers suck ass!
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