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Default Herrman should start at the 4

With Dyess gone for the moment, I think we should see how Herrman does as a starter. With Amir or Kwame starting, they are reduced to being garbage collectors on offense, nothing more. This allows other teams to be effective playing lots of help D and stop our guards from getting in the lane. So often we have 4 or 5 guys chilling around the arc just passing it around. If we're gunna play like that, might as well have 5 offensive threats on the floor.

If Herrman started, he would demand coverage on the perimeter and space out the D. He's pretty quick and we've seen how he can put it on the floor and drive. He's got a knack for coming up with loose balls and making the smart decision to find the open man.

It might be a disadvantage against teams with a PF who can score inside, but the fact that he's a hustle guy who has lateral quickness and decent fundamentals help to offset that. He's not going to make the rookie mistakes of Amir or the missed FTs and blown catches of Kwame.
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