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Default Re: Countdown to the Knicks...

I'm also hyped to be a knicks fan right about now to. With all the Rumors & pressure going down I felt like we needed something to relieve us somehow. We don't need a ring right now, were not chasing it. Were chasing an improving roster, some players that are dedicated to their position & nothing but that.

What we need is our management to kick in, now it's their turn. Get a new coach, get decent role players, we have 2 players that can take over the game whenever, however. We have actually 3. A decent player in Fields that can create if they leave him open, what we need is a Center.

With all of this said & done, we are the upcoming new team that will make sparks fly, when I say upcoming I'm not saying Wednesday, not next week, not a year from not years from now.
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