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Default Re: Countdown to the Knicks...

You hate that people in the media are expecting Melo and Amar'e to actually do something after all the clamoring?

No I hate when people act like if we don't win a ring this year or next year,this trade was a failure.Regardless,we got better.The guys we had we NOT going to win a ring and probably wouldn't have made it past the 1st round.Now,the notion is at least conceivable.That in itself makes this trade worth it.I was growing weary of other teams making major moves every year and we're rumored to be going after guys like Rudy Fernandez and Omri Casspi and Jeff Foster and Jared Jeffries and Joe Pryzbilla and Kurt Thomas etc etc etc.Guys that really won't make much of a difference.It's been a while since we made a move,invested a few decent role players and brought back a guy who's a difference maker.If this trade didn't get done,it woulda set us back a few years.
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