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Default Re: Black Monday Thread (Firings)

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
again, what has Jerry Jones done wrong?...all you wrote was a bunch of "it isn't working, Romo isn't getting it done, Jerry clearly can't do it, it isn't the 90s, etc etc etc"...lots of text there, but no substance

what EXACTLY has Jerry Jones done wrong this year? What would you have done differently?

What would I have done differently? I'm not an owner. I'm not a GM. You can keep playing this "you explain" game all day long. We can ride this merry-go-round until 3 AM, but what I'm telling you is the cold hard facts, which is the Cowboys have been the league's biggest disappointment the past decade and a half. That Tony Romo doesn't win when he's under pressure in big games. That Jerry Jones OBVIOUSLY isn't doing something that works, otherwise, the Cowboys might have actually done something the Eagles and Giants have done in the past decade and a half, WHICH IS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS CONSISTENTLY, AND WIN PLAYOFF GAMES.

The simple TRUTH, the actual FACTS, REAL TALK and all that clearly spells out that the Dallas Cowboys flat out suck. Does that entail Tony Romo being the problem? Some would say yes. Does that entail Jerry Jones being the problem? Some would say yes. Both perhaps? Some would say yes. Instead of me having to explain why the Cowboys suck, why don't you (since you're the Cowboys fan, not me) explain what they're doing right?

I'm just an unbiased fan from the outside looking in and making a simple observation. YOU'RE the actual biased fan who is fighting tooth and nail in an effort to defend your Cowboys. So really, the "burden of proof" if you will, is on you, not me. So, ready, set go - YOU explain what Jerry Jones is doing right.

Are you happy with a .500 season missing the playoffs?

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