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Default Re: Official Grand Theft Auto IV thread

Originally Posted by GOBB
What mission is that? I cant remember.

You get 7 grenades...when you run down the alley and see the cop car? Dont hop in it. Take a grenade, toss it towards the cop car...then run for cover. Cop car will blow up, you and packie/other guy will kill any cops and advance forward. At the end of the alley way on your left and right cop cars and cops. Kill the cop at the dumpster, then take a grenade and throw it at the cop car on your left. Run for cover....cop car blows up, another path is cleared. You 3 start running....just keep running. There will be a big street with cops/cars in both direction. I ignore those and keep running. You'll hit another street where cop cars and SWAT van block the street....throw a grenade at the cop car to your right (thats the street u eventually run down)....take cover. And kill any SWAT/cops coming towards you. When you clear that car away you will run down the street. Be careful there are cops on the 2nd floor of buildings (fire escape) get into a gun fight...kill them and run straight ahead (follow packie). Dont worry about the cop cars or anything....just haul ass and then you'll be taken to another scene where you run down the subway to get away. Down the subway all you do is gun fights. Kill the guys so they wont shoot/kill you and advance. You'll come to a point where you jump down tracks...when you do? Just keep running to the yellow marker...dont worry about the cops behind you...they wont follow/chase. They just shoot so run to that yellow marker, then run up the flight of steps to the next yellow marker (which will be the street). Soon as you hit the street (dont worry packie and dude are behind you)...find a car. There should be one parked. Hop in and lose your warning level. Tough but not hard.

The key when you're running in the tunnel is soon as you hit that yellow marker? Speed up the steps to the street. Faster u go the better chance u have a head start on cops. If you go slow, BS, or even go the wrong way (really no wrong way, just go up the steps and up and up) cops will arrive and you gotta shoot out/find a car. The faster you get to the street? Easier you can speed off and lose the warning level.

What i did? Soon as i got in the car. I press START, found a body garage and placed the red marker on it. Then followed the green path leading me to the body garage...that way you can get in there, they spray paint your car and warning level gone. Trying to out speed them is gonna be tough and you havent met Kiki who can LOSE your cop warning level up to 3 stars.

Long post, but this is how its done (took me 9 tries, no one told me to use grenades for cop cars until the 7th attempt lol)
Thanks, just completed that mission, using this way. Big help.

The Holland Nights, is a mission for the cop guy, can't remember his name now. But, you have to go to the appartment buildings and kill some drug dealer, problem is, the place is absolutely surrounded by the drug dealer's henchmen.
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