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Default Re: Hilton Armstrong: "Panathinaikos is the biggest step of my career."

Originally Posted by fpliii
Euroleague - not sure if you remember, but you suggested a few games to watch about a month ago...I've checked a few out, and will watch the rest when I have more time

from my understanding, the Euroleague season (or tournament, haven't really done much research on the format yet) is beginning soon, so I figured I'd try to watch some live games this year

I have a few questions:

(1) can you explain the format?
(2) when does this all start, and what are the important dates to keep in mind?
(3) my two principal ethnicities are Italian and German, which both seem to be fairly well represented; what can you tell me about the two teams (key players, recent success, etc.) from each country playing this year (Montepaschi Siena, Emporio Armani Milano for Italy and ALBA Berlin, Brose Baskets Bamberg for Germany)? has everything that you are looking for there. Just check out the website.

As for the two German clubs, don't expect much. Neither of them are any good at all.

As for the two Italian clubs, Milano has a very good team, with lots of good players. Siena has some good players, but their basically almost an entirely new team, so no relation at all to the team that won 6 straight Italian titles.

I would say Milano has a shot at making the Euroleague Final Four, but they would probably not be favored to do so.

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