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Default Re: Should Pistons try to get Josh Smith?

Originally Posted by dd24
I like that deal. Once we get Jerebko back I could see him being the starting SF. I'm not a big Williams fan. I wonder if there's a way to get a 3rd team involved.... We know Denver needs to trade Melo and will need someone to replace his spot.... maybe it's a 4 team deal. I'm just kind of thinking out loud but I guess it does go to show how hard it would be to really pull that deal off and not still have a logjam at SF.

Williams is ok, but hardly a stud. I'd rather flip him if possible, but if the cost to get Smith is taking on Williams(plus shedding CV), then you do it and move forward. In combination with a guy like Daye and some JJ mixed in, that's a nice SF rotatoin.
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