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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I was just reading Bill Simmons' NBA playoff column with referernces to quotes from The Wire, at least one of which was from Councilman Tommy Carcetti, who when I read it and thought of him, realized that he's Peter Baelish, the squirmy whorehouse owner who clearly has some history and feelings for Ned Stark's wife Catelyn.

I never would have placed it had it not been for reading that line, thinking of Carcetti, and envisioning that same grimy smirk that he made as Baelish, only this time with a goatee, when explaining how he for once knew something the other guy didn't.
Im assuming you havent read the novels.. so watch out for spoilers..

The show is progressing identically to how the novel does, so all the novel readers know of the plot twists, future events, and ending. Also future seasons' spoilers, seeing as how Season Two has already been greenlit..
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