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Default Re: Laker News: Pau Gasol dealing with ankle sprain

Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
Lol forget about defense... Rudy Gay couldnt play on offense... Ball stuck in his hands pretty bad...

If he can be traded so can Pau... I just dont want them to get any non expiring contracts ...unless its Rondo which is pipe dream

I like Pau but im resolved in trading him, but only if it helps the Lakers and not just plainly getting rid of him.
Memphis seems to be not getting better, right now, out of playoff spot. If they continue to hover around 10th spot or worse, they might be open to trade Randolph. The Pau playing with his brother might do wonders for him.
But Zach has a player option next year.
Another option is Carlos Boozer who is also an expirer.
Or a Marion/Dalebert combo, but why would Dallas do it when they are doing ok. Then again a smart coach like Rick Carlisle would know how to maximize Pau's abilities.
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