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Default Re: "Rape Crew" in small town Ohio

Originally Posted by MetsPackers
Did you even click the link I posted? Its a picture of those two kids wearing the towns football uniforms; you know, the individual players pictures that are usually taken midseason? Why is it that all links being presented seem to go against everything you're saying?
...because I'm well aware of the facts of the case since this is nothing new to me (unlike you). This has been a very widely covered case for six months in the Northeastern Ohio region. It was huge news when the players were arrested in mid-August, you idiot.

If you did proper research, you wouldn't look like a fool.

Note the date on that article... Aug. 22. The high school football season in Ohio begins the last week of August. I guess they were breaking out of jail each Friday night to suit up?

Originally Posted by MetsPackers
I'm calling pedo on this one. You make me sick you fvcking pedo and your pedo town; trying to change the subject and make these kids and the town out to be the victims. Fvck that pedo ass town

When you say "they didnt ever play" you probably mean not that season. However, if they had played the 3 years prior, it's kind of safe to call them football players for the town
Once again, you are a moron who is just talking out of his @ss.

Both kids were sophomores. They never played a down for the varsity football team. They played on the freshman team the year prior to the rape allegations. Then again, what does that have to do with anything?

You dolt.
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