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Default Re: "Rape Crew" in small town Ohio

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
...because I'm well aware of the facts of the case since this is nothing new to me (unlike you). This has been a very widely covered case for six months in the Northeastern Ohio region. It was huge news when the players were arrested in mid-August, you idiot.

If you did proper research, you wouldn't look like a fool.

Note the date on that article... Aug. 22. The high school football season in Ohio begins the last week of August. I guess they were breaking out of jail each Friday night to suit up?

Once again, you are a moron who is just talking out of his @ss.

Both kids were sophomores. They never played a down for the varsity football team. They played on the freshman team the year prior to the rape allegations. Then again, what does that have to do with anything?

You dolt.

LMAO so first they never played a down for the team, then they never played a down for the varsity team and had played the year before?

I think the fact that they had played football for the school the year before and were only not on the team this year because they were in jail constitutes them being football players, you dolt. I was initially just trolling cuz u mad but now you've really kind of exposed yourself here. These kids are clearly associated with the football team and played for it while you play directly into the stereotype the media portrays; biased small town people doing anything they can to distinguish this crime from their prized football team

News flash: The freshman football team is still part of the football team

Now you're the one twisting facts. As someone who played high school football I can tell you that if you played the year before, and were for some reason banned the next season, you are still considered "a football player". They clearly still associated with other team members as well. You typed your responses as if they had no ties to the football team at all when that is clearly not the case. Little white lies like that are the kind of thing that leads the media to believe there is a cover up
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