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Default Re: Any 7-footer available?

Originally Posted by tsforthrees
If we made that trade I would vomit.

Which part? Holiday/lawson?, take that out- could you really not want
Dalembert and jason smith

This front line is too small to win in the playoffs and too thin in depth(and size and talent)
Nene 6-11
Kmart 6-9
Bird 6-11
Petro 7-0
Balkman 6-7

A frontcourt like this makes nugs competitive against the top teams
Dalembert 7-1
Nene 6-11
Bird 6-11
Smith 7-0
Petro 7-0

That teams big enough to play with anybody- only worry is loss in the speed game after already losing klieza and jones- but nene and birdman can takeover all of the roles kmart plays and can do plenty close to as good or better

Imo jason smith is a hidden gem, and would fit the nugs perfect as an outside player to complement carmelo and nene- nugs will not be able to draft a big this good the next however many seasons- and then dalembert would be so important against lakers, portland, boston, cleveland, orlando type teams- hed give so much of a break on nene and birdman and make them both so much more effective

Nene playing as a pf would be crazy- nobody could handle him- and at c he is good, but still is undersized against big c's-

I know they aren't making this trade, but the fact is kmart has to go if they are going to be this cheap- its the only option- he doesn't bring enough impact that can't be replaced for the money and amout of cap he takes up- qaurter of the cap? Not worth it IF THEY'RE STAYING CHEAP

But philly wouldn't do that trade- kmarts contract needs to be broken into 2 or 3 pieces if they really aren't using any of those valuble trade extensions and just staying super cheap mode- what are your ideas- who do you try for?
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