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Default Re: Free online FPS list.

Originally Posted by Mordecai11
Hahaha don't worry.. everyone starts out pretty bad.. you'll get better though
Yeah I tried the UMP and it was alright.. I'm in love wiht the g36e though..

Yeah it sucks because theres a few glitches and a number of hackers out there so there's barely ever a game that goes by without people calling me hacker/chammer.. annoying as hell!

But in the round where I went 84-12 no one accused me which was pretty funny.

Yeah add me and we can play.. what maps do you play?

I just leveled up to SSG1 1st tonight. Some girl kept accusing me of hacking tonight because I killed her three or four times in a row, and then I made it my mission to kill her the rest of the match. I only got 20 something kills, but at least 10-12 of them were her.

Biggest complaint? I'm not sure if It's my system or connection, but I always seem to glitch at the worst possible time, and get killed for it.

I usually play Junk Flea or Waverider. Mostly Junk Flea. Occasionally I'll play Brushwood and very rarely do I play anything else. People stick to their favorite maps, and if you don't play in them all the time, you're going to get pwned by the regulars. I ventured into Snow Flea the other day for the first time in weeks and I had 0 kills 6 deaths in the first minute, suffice to say I was out of there pretty fast.

I play Junk Flea so much, I get the majority of my kills from 'nades. It's such a small map, and there's only two areas any team could come out of that you can throw 'nades at. I had three multi's and an ultra in the last match I played just from 'nades.

I'll add you next time I go on. Are you in a clan?
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