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Default Re: Free online FPS list.

Originally Posted by pete's montreux
Seems like all the veterans play Junk Flea. It was the first map, wasn't it? I stopped using the G36E because of the recoil. I mastered the fast single click instead of holding down the button trick thing, but I got sick of it, plus the UMP is faster. I was always getting killed by guys with the UMP it seemed, so I decided to switch. It's resulted in significantly more kills per match for me. I used to get killed because the G36E wasn't fast enough, but I average probably 25-30 kills a match, whereas before it was around 16-20.

I don't 'nade spam either, I just get rid of them before I do anything. I usually play Bravo if I'm on Junk Flea, because you can go to the second floor, go outside and observe where the opposing team is. I just throw the 'nades where I see guys basically. I get a kill from it 90% of the time.

I was thinking of starting my own clan, but all the cool names are taken.

I'll have to check out the UMP soon..but my money is kinda limited right now because I can't commit enough time to play so I can actually gain money from all the games..

Haha yeah Bravo is actually pretty easy to win at but it doesn't really matter to me.

Lol if you start one and I don't have a clan hook me up with an invite ;)

check that out
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