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Default Mobile Gaming

So I recently joined the smartphone population with a Pantech Marauder. And of course being the gamer I am I immediately began searching for othe best mobile games.

Of course there are the "casual" games, and they are a lot of fun. Temple Run, Cut the Rope, etc. There's also the board games, (I have yet to beat the app at either Go or Fanorona... on EASY!).

But I am interested in dedicated games, hardcore games for mobiles. I think mobile could have a very strong presence in two fields: RPG's and Simulation. As of right now I own Blood Brothers (recommend) and Plague Inc. (REALLY recommend). I also have Soulcraft (don't really recommend).

But they are all missing just a little bit of something. What are your experiences with with mobile gaming? What do you think it will take to get the hardcore games to move to the next step? I think when dedicated gaming companies start allocating their studios' time and money toward the genre we'll see some seriously good stuff.

My only complaint is that all of these games seem to need data of some sort. It is rare to find a game that doesn't require a Wi-Fi connection of some sort or data usage. It'd be nice if there becomes a system where we can purchase the game and then play it offline, much like we do with console games. But that will only happen when the profit of the games changes. I'd be willing to pay 15-20 bucks for a great, long enough game, so they won't have to include ads and buy ware and such.
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