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Default Re: What is your opinion of this trade to get the #4?

Martell just completed his 3rd year. Looks to me even off the stats you gave me is that between the 4th and 5th year is when they explode onto the scene, and Martell hasn't hit that point yet.

Ricky Davis:
3rd year (where Martell just finished up): 4.6
2 years later: 20.6

3rd: 19.9
5th: 28.5

3rd: 18.5
5th: 22.9

3rd: 15.4
5th: 25.6

Al Harrington:
3rd: 7.5
5th: 12.2

3rd: 10.7
5th: ?

There's more, but as you can see, most of these straight out of high school guys continue to get better after their 3rd year, which is where Webster is. I think there is plenty of time for him to improve. Heck, most of those guys ended up with averages way higher than their 5th years even. Whose to say Webster won't average 15-20. I think it could EASILY happen on a team where he gets more touches. He only averaged 8.6 FGA. Imagine if he had a couple more years to improve and increased those FGAs to 13-14. He truly could be an all-star (though on the Blazers he would be an all-star caliber guy that would be in a role player position, but I'm cool with that).
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