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Default Re: What is your opinion of this trade to get the #4?

I highly doubt that Martell will be a 20ppg player in Portland though. There won't be enough shots to go around with Roy, Aldridge, Oden, Fernandez, Outlaw, the big FA we bring in or the big deal guy and if we get another good wing player who is an upperclassman in college and a good scorer through the draft (ala Douglas-Roberts, Brandon Rush, or Courtney Lee)

Thats why I want to trade him. Without failure, we are going to have a log jam of great young players and there won't be enough minutes and shots to go around. Trade Jack, Webster and Hell, if nobody takes Webster then trade Outlaw for good role players like a Kurt Thomas type player who isn't looking for points but just to help the team. Maybe get Ime back.
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