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Default Re: DWade tonight 39/11/8 with 3 steals and 5 blocks

Originally Posted by Heat007
We saw what Kobe does against really good defenses.

He sucks !

Career 40% shooter in the finals. He shot 37% against that Pistons defense in the finals.

Wade shot over 50% against the Pistons defense in the 05 series, and would have won a title that year if he didn't get injured when they were up 3 games to 2.

And for good measure Wade shot an astonishing 62% against that Pistons defense in the 06 series.

Great ability to take it to the rack >> contested jumpshots.

That why Wade is a better playoff performer. Wade's first 3 years were legendary playoff runs for such a new player in the league = we haven't seen a player play like that in the playoffs since Jordan.

Last year vs the Celtics in the playoffs? Wade averaging 34 pts on 57% shooting. Kobe ? 43%

Wade >>

and wade is a prime example of why JORDAN would dominate todays league.
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