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Default Re: DWade tonight 39/11/8 with 3 steals and 5 blocks

Originally Posted by KBryant24
yeah he averaged 35,5 and 4 on 45% and 31,5,5 on 46% on a far more superior western conference... and he did this with kwame brown and smush parker starting

I would LOVE to see wade play in the stronger conference with these scrubs, put up similar numbers and make the playoffs

Over the last 8 years:

Kobe shoots 38.9% against Top 10 defenses during those years

Wade shoots 47.6% against Top 10 defenses when they were Top 10 defenses during those years.

I'll try to find that article again to make you look silly. It was fairly recent showing the HUGE difference since Wade entered the league ;-)

Wade >>
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