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Default Re: Chris Paul informs NO that he wants to be traded to Knicks

Originally Posted by Clutch
He's among the league leaders in assists even though he has "solid at best" teammates and his team is 29th in pace.

I'm sure his numbers would rise up dramatically when he would be playing with Melo and Amare,two of the best offensive players in the league on a high paced team.(2nd in the league).

If he gets total control on the offensive end I think he could average 13 assists.

I can definitely see Paul having double digit assists, even not too farfetched to see assists in the mid teens, if D'antoni plans on running the offense like when Nash had the drivers seat.

12-14 assists if a reasonable number, due to our faster pace, as he could get at least 6 from feeding Stat alone.

BTW Clutch, his team mates last season were really were not good, cementing the greatness of a Chris Paul.
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