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Default Re: ISH Gaming Diary Thread

Regarding Gears of War 3 (online - Team Deathmatch)

You have four teammates, all five of you should not run to the same place. There are typically two power weapons, three if you count frags/flames grenades. If we all run into the same damn place, that leaves two other strong weapons free for the other team to pick up.

If you and another teammate go somewhere together, don't run away when things get heavy, it basically leaves your teammate to get slaughtered because what was once a 2-on-2, is now 2-on-1 (or worst, 3-on-1) because you decided to hide in cover or away when you should have been on the attack.

I'm not even that great at this game, but i understand enough to work with the team. Most people play this game as if its 1on1 and all the extra people out there are just spectators so you should totally ignore them and just pull out your shotgun and take on the world.

I don't care if we lose the match to a better team, but i don't want to lose because we didn't have a team at all.
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