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Default Re: good lord my family is stupid

Originally Posted by dashoebox
this is probably about as stupid as my family can get. long story short: i'm a college student at the moment and i want to get the best education I can get so i can get a good job. I'm heading down the health sciences field (not necessarily pre-med) but like I want to be involved in a clinical hospital setting. So i take the initiative and apply for EMT classes in addition to my school work. My family hears that i'm WORKING and god forbid ****ing asian parents don't want their kids to work because they want us to focus on our education, but how am i suppose to have any work experience and actually put up a good resume when i don't get involved in my field of interest. Now my mom is pissed at me and she says i'm not focusing on school and she refuses to talk to me. my dad thinks i'm a rebel and he tries to get me back into education, but here is the ****ing thing: I AM THINKING ABOUT MY EDUCATION BY GETTING INTO A WORK THAT IS RELATED TO MY FIELD OF STUDY!!!! good god my parents are idiots.

/end rant

So what happens when they catch you smoking weed, drinking alcohol, and having sex with black girls?
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