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Default Source: Laker's Offer to Odom Reduced

Although it's unclear how much impact (Dwyane)Wade's ongoing recruiting efforts will have on his former teammate -- or if Heat president Pat Riley, who's also in L.A. this week, will be meeting with (Lamar) Odom -- one source with knowledge of the talks told that a resolution to the monthlong Odom saga is likely "in the next few days."

Odom's options, as of Monday, were choosing between an offer from the Lakers that has been reduced from its high point two weeks ago or taking one of the multiple fallback proposals from the Heat that are thought to be sufficiently attractive to coax him to Miami.

So eager to reunite Odom and Wade after their one successful season together in 2003-04, Miami has offered Odom as much as it can for a team well over the salary cap: $34 million over five years with an opt-out to return to free agency after the fourth season. Sources said that Odom, if he ultimately decides to return to South Beach, would likely sign the five-year deal or opt for a four-year deal that comes with a provision to return to free agency after three years.

One team source confirmed Monday that Lakers owner Jerry Buss, after pulling his initial offer off the table on July 14, is now offering "less" than the original three-year, $27 million deal that he withdrew when Odom pushed for a fourth year. Another source maintains that Odom's preference remains returning to the Lakers after helping them win a championship in June but cautioned that he is prepared to return to Miami and reunite with Wade and Riley if nothing changes this week.

Sources with knowledge of the talks told that an informal level of contact between the sides was maintained after Buss pulled his offer, but it appears that they remain far apart in negotiations.
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