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Default We Are Insidehoops!

You are Insidehoops, We all are ISH. Each and every one of us is what makes ISH so great/ what keeps it going WE are what makes ISH.

Let's face it, it isn't the outdated servers or the lack of a search function or the inability to embed videos that keeps us coming back.. It's each and every one of us that keeps the other coming back

WE are the heart & soul of these forums, if a good majority of engaging posters or well respected posters were to suddenly leave, this place would fall on hard times. There are plenty of websites that offer more, but non offer the interaction of sheer crazyness that is the registered members of ISH.

WE ARE A FAMILY, we make this website.

So i'd like to take this second and tell you that i love all my brothers or sisters, whether you be a Lebron stan, a Kobe stan or a Jordan stan or whatever WE ARE ALL ONE, i love you for YOU are the one who keeps us coming back..

PROPS TO US, the Posters of ISH because WE DA BESSSSSS
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