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Default Re: THE FINAL FOUR: National Semifinals and THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, April 2nd & 4th

I'm liking Kentucky over UConn. Harrelson has been the MVP of the tourney as far as I'm concerned. No, his sheer numbers don't match the stars, but he's the piece nobody else has been able to matchup with. Shows the dearth of bigs...legit grown college ball. Also think Knight is on a mission vs more hyped guards.

Butler over VCU. With a week to prep and their experience, I think the Bulldogs take this one. VCU's 3 pt shooting, of course, could throw that off. If they come out like they did vs Kansas, they're tough. But given time to get ready, I'll take Stevens, Mack & Howard over their counterparts.

Kentucky beats Butler for the same reasons they beat UConn. I really hope this materializes so we get to see Howard vs Harrelson.

I think Kentucky beats either VCU or Butler, but I'd like Butler if the matchup is with UConn.

Enjoy! Best tournament ever imo, and I've been riveted to it for over 40 years.
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