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Default Re: The Amazing SPIDER-MAN (July 3rd) - News and Speculation

Finally saw it on ETX 3D (AMC's version of IMAX).

I was pleasantly surprised!

Felt like "500 Days of Spider-Man" (same director) but I enjoyed this more than I did Raimi's 1st Spider-Man too. Almost had a Batman Begins element to it, but wished it was a bit longer to flesh it out more.

The 3D in ETX (IMAX) was amazing! This movie was shot using James Cameron's Avatar 3D production and it shows. The indoor scenes were eh, but the outdoor scenes and all the action was pure eye candy! There were a lot of scenes in 1st person perspective that had everything coming at you! The last 20 minutes including the last minute of the film was 3D heaven! Favorite was when he slingshot himself inside a crane and you felt like you were in a ride falling in open space, then he jumps right at you in slow motion zipping a web line in your face!

Much darker but very enjoyable. This Spider-Man was closer to the actual comicbooks than Raimi's ever was.

My friend really enjoyed the movie that we stopped by Hot Topic to pick up some Spidey shirts which they had on sale Buy 1 Get 1.

All in all, I give this a 7.5 (close to 8) overall and on par with the 1st Spider-Man, and also recommend it in ETX (IMAX) 3D.

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