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Default Re: Blow this thing up

here is what the Mavs need to do.

Get a PG that can distribute. This could be Harris if the guys could stay out of foul trouble. If he would pick and choose when he was trying to draw charges better he would surely take over the starting spot from Terry.

Get a REAL SG so the Mavs aren't forced to play small PGs. This gets them killed against teams with big Gs like, oh I dunno, Golden State. DeShawn Stevenson and Mikael Pietrus should be available this summer and they should be targeted.

Get a new 6th man. Stackhouse just doesn't cut it anymore. He is too old and too inefficient to be the main source of offense off the bench. Plus all he ever does is one on one stuff and it grinds the already plodding offense to a halt in the half court. If the Mavs are able to get a legit starting SG and don't trade Harris or Terry, than Terry would be perfect as a 6th man.

Get more versatile bench players. Buckner is ghastly on offense and can't do a damn thing other than take set 3 pointers in rhythm. His offense is so bad it completely offsets whatever good his overrated defense does for the team.

George can stay but only as the 8th man at best.

A true backup to Dirk is needed. A chump like Croshere is just wasted space. I don't care how good a locker room guy he is.

Also, they may really need to think about unloading Dampier for a more athletic C. But that is likely impossible unless the Nuggets want to give the Mavs Cotton Camby.
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