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Default Re: Article: LA Times - Lakers excited about title defense

Originally Posted by All Net
For the players yes, for the fans it is always fun to look ahead. I can't help but look forward to the games @ Portland, S.A, Cleveland and Boston in Jan guessing how we will come out of that road trip. Can't help it...although you do have to take it one game at a time it can never hurt looking ahead to bigger and better match-ups

I agree. There is nothing wrong with trying to look at the long run and looking at the whole picture. The only time it becomes going too far is when people start arguing over what team will have the better season and who will win the MVP/championships/etc (just look at the general forums and you will see fools arguing nonstop over that.. "LEBRON WILL BE MVP.." "NO, KOBE WILL MAKE SURE THE LAKERS WILL WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP" yada yada). That is where you have to put a stop to it, but if you are predicting a game 2 days away, I don't quite understand what is wrong with looking ahead to 2 days. I dunno but it's just my view on this
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