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Default What will Mike Brown do to the rotation come playoff time?

Who stays/who sits/how do the minutes get divided?

Alot of guys are making a strong case for getting a decent role this postseason, but as everyone knows, it's customary for teams to shorten their rotations come playoff time.

When Shaq comes back, and assuming Z comes back, we have a glut of other big men (Jamison/Andy/Hickson/Powe) that all have a case for being a big part of the postseason plans. You assume that Andy and Jamison will, but what about Hickson and Powe? Where do they fit in?

Backcourt, you got guys like Moon/West/Williams/Gibson. Something has to give. If we have a strict 7/8 man playoff rotation, someone is gonna get shafted.

How would you divide up minutes come playoff time? I think you have to give Shaq and Z each roughly 24 MPG. Jamison will demand big minutes at the 4, but damn, Andy has been playing so well. What's gonna give? Part of it, of course, will be matchups. As for the backcourt, I hope West gets most of the backup SG minutes. Gibson and Moon may not play that much.
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