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Default Re: travel plans in the next 6 months-1 year?

Originally Posted by mlh1981
Loads of good bars/nightclubs on Washington (names escape me)............They try to sucker you in with the whole $20 cover charge/but drinks are free spiel. In reality, you MIGHT get one free drink, but you aint gettin' sh!t after that unless you tip well. It's all good, though Also, lots of good pizza shops on that street. I do remember that.

Also, love Fat Tuesdays on Ocean. Fun crowd. Clevelander, not so much? Kinda a frat boy hangout........

Yeah....i gotta hit up wet willies first to get me 2 call a cabs. It gets me right then walk the strip and hit spots up. Club Mango aint bad...chicks dancing on the bar. My friend hopped up there and started dancing with them. Good times. Fat Tuesdays not bad. Let me stop talkin bout it...wish i was there now.
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