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Default GM spot in sim league available

hey everyone, a few people and i have been running a nba virtual sim league. We recruited people to be GM's for each team to make trades, sign FA's, and make other roster decisions

We will be using NBA Live 08' for the sim and have all the ratings and such posted for each team.

GM's need to be very active and be able to get on the computer at least once a day pretty much. If you are interested in the site but can't be on that much you can become part of the staff of a team and just have less responsibilities.

Currently the teams open are:


We will be starting our season around Christmas time and until then are in our "offseason." Trades just started today so there's no worry for players already not being available to trade

If you are interested in joining go to the site[[link listed below]], make a member name and message me[[missy13]] telling me what position you want, how much you are on, and stuff like that, and i'll get back to you about whether you get the job or not =)

link =

don't be shy, come check it out!
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