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Default Re: Coach Skilles Gives Jennings The Starting Nod

Jasper; I feel your frustrations with this team as I have followed them for many years (actually from the beginning and when they were consistently good in the 80's). Now I may be wrong, but this is what I see. Milwaukee is a small market team and Kohl will not have a payroll where the luxury tax is activated. There are a few teams like the Knicks, Lakers, Cavs, maybe Boston that don't care about this tax because they will still make dough. Even the Spurs taking Jefferson's contract along with Duncan, Parker, Ginobli, Mason, etc; they got to be over the limit. I believe RJ was let go because chances are we couldn't have resigned him in 2010. CV/Sessions would have sent us over the limit, which is why I believe we took Jennings. Redd is making superstar money, but he is no superstar as evidenced that the team hasn't done much since he signed that deal. Guys like Gadz and Bell are useless, yet make decent money. We paid Damon Jones 4M to sit on the bench. Then there's Bogut and although we dished out a bunch to keep him, I think that was a good move provided he can stay healthy. But that's only part of the story. The jury is still out on this year's draft, but basically we don't know **** about evaluating talent as evidenced by Alexander, TJ Ford, Haslip, and other sorry ass 1st rounders that haven't produced.
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