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Default Re: Point Guard situation?

Originally Posted by dd24
It's funny we talk about this as there's a thread in the main forum going on about PG's and it is basically saying the complete opposite of all of you. While I think PG is an important position I don't think you need the best in the game to win, but I also don't think random 2nd rounders are going to get it done either. It seems like every time Stuckey has that potential and he is our PG...... period. They just resigned Bynum. He's the backup.... period. BG even though he is 6'3" plays SG but can be a 3rd backup when necessary. We have plenty of PG's!!!!!! Besides SG, it's obviously our most talented position. Did anybody go to a Pistons game last year? Stuckey was clearly their best player on the court. The funny thing is for the couple of minutes he played SG he was not. The kid is not a SG. Get this through your heads. The guy was asked to carry more of the scoring load because Detroit had nobody else to do it. Does anybody remember him averaging 16 points and 5 assists per game last year? That is not a bad season! Especially when you consider defenses had to focus on him, even more so when Ben Wallace is in the game because we are playing 4 on 5 on the offensive end when he's in there. I guarantee you Joe D isn't thinking he needs a PG. The only way something like that happens is if he can put Stuckey in a trade to bring in a superstar like Chris Paul, or even another player + a PG. I highly doubt that is going to happen. Read what Joe is saying, read what Kuester is saying. Stuckey is clearly now the leader of the team and they are going to give him every opportunity. We need a big man, not a PG.

Absolutely dead on, plus Stuckey can at least competently guard any G in the league IMO.
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