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Default Grizzlies down 3-0 to Spurs

The Spurs really only needed one victory to consider their Memphis trip a success. So having gotten off to about as poor a start as possible, they could have been forgiven for flushing Game 3.

But adhering to their cherished motto to keep pounding the rock, they fought back from an early 18-point deficit, hung on through a heart-stopping stretch run, and finally finished Memphis off with a bravura performance in overtime.

Now leading 3-0, the Spurs stand just one victory away from returning to the Finals for the first time in six years, a span in which they’ve remade themselves around the timeless trio of Duncan, Parker and Ginobili.

They endured their lumps during that period, most recently with last year’s collapse against Oklahoma City in the Western Conference finals. But all that effort is only 48 minutes away from paying off.

-- San Antonio Express-News
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