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lute had nothing to do with all the media coverage of the death of his wife
I'd say he had a great deal of influence over it.

If you watch the '05 game again, the refs pretty much let things go the whole way, not just during the comeback. There were only 28 fouls called the entire game, and 18 of those were on Illinois. Kinda hard for an Arizona fan to make much of a case that the officiating cost them that one.

The whole game was called loosely. Just in the final minutes alone, Dee should've gotten an and-one on his layup, and either Shakur or Dee should've been called for a foul on the loose ball that went out of bounds on our baseline.

The only really bad missed call I'd complain about if I was an Arizona fan was Jack Ingram's moving screen on Deron's game-tying three in regulation.

And I'm not really complaining about the calls in the '01 game; we had an extremely physical team that got away with stuff that wouldn't be allowed anywhere except the Big Ten. It was simply, like today, the disparity in the number of calls that pissed me off. The game was extremely physical both ways, but Lute bullied the refs in Coach K fashion.

Like I said, the only three times in my life that I place primary blame on the officiating is Illinois/Michigan in football in 2000, Illinois/Washington in the 2nd round of the 2006 tourney, and the Illinois/Arizona game today. It was brutally bad.

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