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Default A way to make this board alive

This forum has been very quiet as of late, but I believe that I have a solution. For those of you that don't know me, I'm marny_navis, and I post frequently in the Indiana forum, and I am a moderator for the Atlanta and Seattle forums. I've been at ISH since summer of last year, right before the draft started, I believe. Back when ISH was just a wee tot. I was one of the dumbest posters, though. If you do somehow remember me, I was the guy who always posted this at the end of his posts:


Yeah, I was a little off. I took a break from posting, with about 200. I came back just around draft time again this year, and this time I was here to stay. I first started playing Elimination Games, and I found a friend in catzhernandez. We started posting in the Pacers forum, but it was mainly him. Then, we started posting a bit more frequently, and in the past month or so we've been posting every day there.

Five days ago, a new kid, The Big Three, came to our forum. He posted a bunch of new topics, and the board really soared. This action brought other Pacers fans to post even more than they did before. We even got an old poster, PacerRaptor, to come back to the board. Now, it's ranked #2 of all team boards for this week on ISH. And now I decided I would share my plan on how to make this forum better. Here is my plan:
  1. The first thing we need to do, is create a sign-in thread. This will give us an idea of who all we have here. We also need to search out those members that we know like the Spurs, and encourage them to post again and get this board alive.
  2. Secondly, we need to get fresh new topics to start, and bring old topics back alive. Giving a user a plethora of new threads to post in will really get them excited, and we could really establish conversation this early.
  3. Now we have everyone's attention. We need to then hold mod elections, which I believe are currently in place. No one has signed up yet. Getting one or two leaders of this board would be great, and it might give them a sense of responsibility, and hopefully they'll try posting here as often as possible to keep things flowing.
Now you can stop reading, because I'm finished with my rant. Hopefully, some of you will take this idea and follow it, and maybe even give more suggestions to make this thread fun and an exciting experience. Or, you could ignore it, and let it continually rot away until someone new decides to do something about it. Your choice.
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