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Default Re: will all verbal fellating records be broken by the media after Favre wins MVP?

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
If the Titans weren't so terrible, Chris Johnson would be running away with the award (quite literally). Unfortunately, it can never go to a guy on a bad team.

He has been the best player this year, though... And it isn't close.

Heck i laughed when Titans reached for him. Looks like the egg is on my face. Didnt think he was capable of becoming a featured RB beast as he has. But really, what tough run defenses has he faced? I know you can only run all over whats in front of you. But eh, dunno if i agrew with best player this year. But I wont deny its not arguable. I mean if you face the Titans you know they are gonna run. And 8 in the box isnt workin.

I'm just loving Brees right now and while not a popular position/side of the ball where best player in the NFL seems to hang. Jared Allen is just a terror.
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