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Default Re: Why is E Gordon getting paid MAX?

Originally Posted by 2LeTTeRS
Wait did you just say that the shitty package that they would have gotten in the 3-way with the Lakers and Rockets would have helped the Hornets/Pelicans? Really? Scola was not worth his contract and was amnestied, Odom was a headcase whose game was slipping, and Martin is a talented regular season scorer who has been let go by 3 teams after they realized his on court impact was much lower than his #s.

The only asset in that trade would have been Dragic who had proven absolutely nothing in December 2011 when the trade was made; and like Gordon was also up for a payday that summer. That trade sucked and should have never been approved by the interim front office.

Nope. You are dead wrong.

Just think about it. They already confirmed that they were moving Odom after the trade.

So they are left then with Dragic, Scola, and Martin. Scola was an 18/8/3 player in 2011 and making 10 million a year. His contract was not bad at all...the Rockets amnestying him was a strategic move. Again, they were going to move these guys...Demps has talked about it. This whole "scola sucked" thing needs to stop. 18/8/3...he had trade value and his contract was not bad. And I think he only had 2 years left iirc, but I'm not sure. Regardless, he was absolutely movable...and Demps knew this.

Dragic was due for a payday? Dude...he makes 7.5 million a year. The Pelicans needed a pg. Dragic at that price allows them to not make the Noel trade. Trust'd rather have Dragic and Noel than Holiday. Depending on what they decided to do with Martin...keeping him at 6.5 million a year is also not bad...although I bet they would have moved him as well.

I don't understand why people can't see it. It was really smart.

Really just shows you how stupid people are, even in the know, about how the NBA works.

Like I said before, it was dumb luck that the Gordon traded yield Davis. If Gordon plays...they don't get Davis.

So they would have moved Odom and Scola...which is at least 2 more 2nd round picks. And would have had the best chance to sign Dragic. If Martin only plays 9 games like Gordon did (only fair to compare similar situations because it was blind luck Gordon didn't play)...then you still get Davis, have the inside track at Dragic, and then have an expiring contract in Martin to move as well.

If people actually think they would have just kept all those just don't get it.

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