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Default Re: Hawks sign Maurice Evans

Originally Posted by AI3Anthony
It's an OK pick up. J.R. Smith would have been better, and for the same price. But i'm gunna support Mo Evans.

As for our big man problem, i think the Hawks will call up Othello Hunter from summer league. He had an outstanding summer league. I think around 14pts and 6 boards a game. Then maybe Kwame Brown. I haven't heard much about Kwame and Morris lately though.

As for J-Smoove, I think we'll get him back as soon as he realizes he's not worth what he wants. No other team has cap room for him, but the Grizzlies and why would he go there?
Evans signed a 3yr 7 million $ contract. JR Smith will get at least 6 million a year, so we could'nt have got him at the same price.
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