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Arrow NFL/Houston Texans official offseason thread!

So technically the offseason doesn't start till after the Super Bowl but for teams that didn't make the playoffs, they start now as in today. And we've had some firings already. First of all...the bills fired their whole coaching staff . Then as expected the Redskins fire Jim Zorn, not surprised about that at all. I'm pretty sure there's gonna be more firings and stuff will happen as the weeks go by. Now, as for the Texans offseason and next coming up season, we ARE gonna make the playoffs GUARANTEEED IF:

1. We fire/cut/release Kris Brown

He was an amazing and the best reliable clutch kicker in the league until this season came...this season he lost like 3 games for us which if we woulda won we could be in the playoffs by now and yesterday's situation wouldn't have even happened. So we really need to release Kris. Kinda makes me feel I jinxed him cuz I went to training camp and got his autograph on a football. But yea, we need a new kicker...

2. We cut/release Chris Brown

He's the worst RB I've seen in my life...doesn't know how to hold on to the ball, also cuz of him we coulda won 2 games, but cuz of him we didn't...and he knows it too, just watching him play makes me sooo mad!!! And thinking of those games makes me sooo angry and frustrated...I seriously think we can and need to cut him since we have 3 other really good backs. So Chris has to go for us to make the playoffs.

3. Our RBs go to the "how to not fumble and hold on to the ball" camp...especially Chris Brown if he's gonna stay...he really really needs to learn how to hold on to the ball, same with Slaton, who needs to learn way more than Chris does, he also lost alot of games for us...he lost opportunities in the red zone for us to score...he's the leader for most fumbles this season and thats not one of the categories I'd like for us to lead if we wanna make the playoffs. So our players need to learn how to hold on to the ball.

4. If we add like 1 or 2 more good secondary players, we added Pollard during the season and he's a HUGE improvement for our secondary...we just need like 1 or 2 more to help him and dunta out. Or if we can get Glover Quin to improve then we won't need another secondary player.

5. If we give Ryan Moats and Arian Foster more carries...those 2 are just ridiculously good...way better than slaton...I seriously think Foster is the Slaton Slaton was in his 1st year and he's just amazing, but I know he's gonna be 3rd on the depth chart and moats is gonna be slaton's backup, but I seriously think all 3 need to get carries during games. Cuz just like this season, if we run well, then the PA is gonna be played sooo well like it did this season and it might just get better.

Lastly but not the least:

6. If we keep this same team besides the improvements I just mentioned we should make the playoffs...

Also...we ARE gonna keep Kubiak, I just have a feeling Bob's not gonna fire him or anyone on our coaching staff. The only thing I have against Kubiak is he needs to learn how to call plays better cuz some of the calls he made this season were stupid as hell and some of them cost us the game, so he really needs to learn better play calling.

Other than those things, if we do what I just said, I GUARANTEE playoffs for the Houston Texans in the 2010 NFL Season.
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