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Default Re: Official Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 thread

Originally Posted by KeylessEntry
You know what is funny to me, the vast majority of the kids crying about how the game is difficult or pointless never even played diablo 2. These dudes were like 7 years old when diablo 2 was being released.

I have not been hacked. Get an authenticator and stop downloading toolbars and shit for your browser. I am having plenty of fun clearing Inferno on my Monk. Everyone crying needs to learn to play, or go play a game that is not repetitive and pointless (how about modern warfare 3 ?? )

There really needs to be a separate D3 thread. I can't believe you guys got hacked. I've been playing since launch and not me or anybody I play with has ever been hacked.

I too am going through Inferno right now, and while it is very hard, I actually like the challenge. It is doable with the right mix of skill and strategy. Ironically although gear will help there are limits, and videos I've seen on Youtube of people clearing some of these zones are wearing worse equipment than me.

IMO it's the best game since D2 and is every bit as fun to play.

Oh also I've been making about $5 a day since the real money AH went live, so the game already paid for itself.
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