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Default Re: Players with the Worst Work Ethic in the NBA

Originally Posted by dirkdiggler41
I love the idea of bad work ethic in the NBA. Thats like asking what pornstar have the least sex without cameras.

Most of us does not know how much they practice. Some media outlets will tell you this and that, but it never prove anything. I also find it so ironic that people put McGrady and Carter on their top list. There is a ton of guards with their athletic ability that never came close to them in talents. How can Carter and McGrady shoot like that without practice? Has there ever been a natural good shooter?

You guys also need to consider that the star players get the most attention on their practicing.

This thread proves only one thing, we have no clue what the players are doing when we dont see them on tv. Just like pornstars, but my guess is that the pornstars are sucking the D and Haslem is shooting baseline jumpers.
I'm with you here. I do believe there's players who work very hard to reach the NBA then sort of tap out once they become multi-millionaires but I do not have a way of surely telling who those players are. I, too, have always been interested in the Carter/McGrady work ethic accusations. One does not simply walk into being one of the best shooters and players in the entire world. To excel in the NBA at an all-star level, there must be something worthwhile behind a player's willingness to put forth work and effort.
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