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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Chicago Bulls Edition

How come the Brooklyn Nets one got stickied, and no others, kind of annoying...

1. TRUE or FALSE: Joakim Noah is more important to the Bulls success than Derrick Rose.

False. Don't get me wrong, Noah has a huge impact, but without Rose they are not in the discussion of 'contenders'.

2. TRUE or FALSE: Jimmy Butler is THAT good.

Jury is out, I suspect he'll come back down to earth with more talent around him.

3. TRUE or FALSE: Despite Thibodeau's defensive genius, Bulls need to improve their offensive creativity.

True, but that's why they have Rose right? His return should help tremendously in that area.

4. AGREE or DISAGREE: More Taj Gibson, Less Carlos Boozer.

Disagree, Boozer is getting old, but he isn't finished yet.

5. The one "X Factor" that can catapult the Bulls over the top East competitors is.

Noah, if he can play at an allstar level with Rose back, they will be pretty good. Oh **** it, they aren't beating Indy or Miami regardless.
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