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Default Re: Why do Miami / LeBron fans have such hate for the Bulls / D-Rose?

All those people saying it is Rose's fans that make other posters hate Rose must not have been around when Rose first stepped on the court in the NBA/ Us Bulls fans were just excited to finally have a franchise level player to build around coming to an already solid team. Almost immediately, the hate started. And it's been non-stop ever since.

They've hated EVERYTHING he's done and award he's gotten. They've discredited him on everything saying things like his team won games solely on their defense. And other ridiculous bullshit. They've hyped every PG that came into the league after him as the next Rose stopper, and then Rose went and shit on all those guys, so they had to stop.

I remember the 2010 off season. The whole time on this board it was dominated by Rose vs. Rondo threads, or Rose vs. (insert PG name here). Then when Rose beat out Rondo for the starting spot and Rondo quit the team like a bitch, everyone hated on him for that. Then he said "Why can't I be MVP?" and went out and got it, they couldn't handle it. Everything Rose does gets hate, even though he's not an asshole. Even him not playing last season got a bunch of hate his way.

So now, Bulls fans are starting to speak up and fight back. the haters can't stand it. For a VERY long time, most Bulls/Rose related threads were NOT started by Bulls/Rose fans. It was a time when you couldn't find a Bulls/Rose thread that was actually started by a real Bulls/Rose fan, and yet the board had just as many of them as lebron or kobe vs. MJ threads.

So I question how can the Bulls/Rose fans be the ones that make people hate Rose, when we rarely make threads about him? It's usually some hater making the thread and Bulls fans come in and try to stem the tide and dispel the lies and hate that he gets.
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