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Default Re: Gotta hand it to Eli. He's amazing.

Originally Posted by GOBB
Hottest closet, elite QB, on Brady level. Even if you dont want to give Eli any of those compliments? You cant deny the guy is a gamer who at the end of the game if he has the pigskin? You better start praying to GOD he pulls a Tony Romo. Eli can go 5-30 up until crunch time? If the defense has kept the NYG in it and Eli has a chance to drive them down and score? He'll do it. Even Tom Brady acknowledged that when asked would he rather have the ball in his hands or let Eli.
he actually did pull more "Romos" than Romo did...the Giants lost on more Eli INTs than the Boys did Romo INTs

Eli had 6 more picks than Tony

of coarse all that gets forgotten once they win a ring, as it SHOULD, but I don't think most people know that

Vick also threw away more games than Tony
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