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Default Re: Gotta hand it to Eli. He's amazing.

Originally Posted by niko
You can't be serious. Eli led the Giants down the field to win a superbowl for the second time this year. He's 8-2 in the playoffs, two superbowl MVP's, he has fantastic stats (his TD to turnover ratio is sick). He's also been an underdog in 6 of ten playoff games (it might be seven, 1 game i am unsure on) and has won all 6. Both NFC title games and superbowl he was an underdog. And this year, he led the Giants back in the 4th qtr 9 times. NINE TIMES. That's the total number of games you won, right?

Give it up. Eli is easily ahead of romo. Go argue Vick vs. Romo.
you clearly didn't read my whole post

and I don't need to argue Romo > Vick...everyone knows that already
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