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Default Re: Gotta hand it to Eli. He's amazing.

Originally Posted by JMT
You specifically compared Eli, Vick and Romo, spinning as you always do to get Romo on top. I weighed in on the topic like several people had. You took the personal shot at me.

Undeserved punch at you? Show where I mentioned you. Follow your own sage advice about "brushing it off", especially when it refers to a freaking football team, not you.

Sucker punch? Says the guy with multiple aliases who uses the internet to hide behind words he'd never say to my face.

I don't have a post on this site or any other where I degrade anyone's family. Not necessary, and not the function of the site. Apparently those who run it agree.
why even talk about real life? real life you wouldn't just randomly run up to a group of Dallas fans you have never met and tell them their team sucks...if you did you better expect an insult similar to the one I gave you.

I wasn't spinning anything to get Romo on top...I was just pointing out the fact that he didn't throw away as many games as the others

How could I spin that right now?...Eli is fresh off a SB win...I even said that his INTs should be forgotten...did you read that or no?
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