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Default Do some people really think Larry Bird couldn't dominate like he did, in this era?

Seriously? That just baffles me.

Scoring skills against GOAT defenders (Pippen, Rodman, Cooper, Bobby Jones, Jordan), good athletical defenders (McCray, Pressey, Kersey, Erving, Worthy), athletic 7' footer (Sellers), amazing athletes (Wilkins, Woolridge, Chambers, Kenny Walker), bigger dudes (Cummings, Grant), even against a guy that made the all defensive team in the 00's (Clifford Robinson):

Plus they could play him in a much rougher way, good defensive big men and enforcers were packing the paint.

We all know about his amazing passing skills, if not:

Also the man was just one of the greatest team defenders ever, nice post defender and despite lacking lateral quickness he could hold his own on the perimeter, plus you could easily switch him to guard the PF if needed, considering that the height average decreased that would even help him:

He was grabbing never less than 10 RPG with tougher rules against fierce rebounders.

He would also thrive under zone defenses, offensively and defensively.

The straight impact and incredible intangibles he brought up were just off the charts.

Won 3 straight MVP's in an era with guys like Magic, MJ, Kareem, Moses, Erving, Hakeem, Isiah, Wilkins, Drexler....

And he played with several injuries that many wouldn't endure, including that completely wrecked back since '88.

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