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Default Re: Dion Waiters and others for Deng rumor

Originally Posted by Rose
Deng's averaging a wowing 27-6-6 since Rose went out. And Taj is finally having that huge year now that he's 100% healthy. Upping his trade value too if GarPax decides to go that way.

We only get the Bobcats pick if they make the playoffs. I think they're gonna sneak in this year and kinda **** us over on that one. But oh well in a draft this deep? Damn.

I mean there's really no point in not just blowing it up. It's kinda obvious the team wasn't gonna win a title. Most of the guys have good trade value that could net at least a young guy in return, maybe a pick. You keep Noah because centers are rare. Keep Jimmy because he's young and trade everyone else if possible. We don't have young players that need playoff experience or could benefit from it because been there done that in Jimmy's case! Play hard every night against the big teams, just make sure to lose to the 6 games after the Heat, and go from there. (big games for lotto balls)
Pretty sure it is top 6 protected. As in we get the pick if it falls 7+. 7-14 means they missed the playoffs. So we can get their pick whether they make the playoffs or not.
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